ICU Puppy Incubator

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ICU Puppy Incubator 

Dual Heating and Ventilation System
Precision Temperature and Humidity Control
Oxygen Connector
Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System
Negative Ion Generator
Ultraviolet Sterilisation Light 10 Level Lighting System
Exclusive Multi-Function Moisture and Cooling Control (Cooling only with optional Air Con Unit) Oxygen Connector (Rear)
Nebuliser Included (External)
The ICU Puppy Incubator has an exclusive dual flow circulation system preventing any concerns regarding overheating by gently ventilating the ICU unit. ICU benefits from low maintenance, it is energy efficient and economical to operate. 

While in the ICU Puppy Incubator operation mode the dual port system constantly refreshes the air inside and CO2 monitor sensor will trigger immediately if carbon dioxide levels rise above 1400ppm.

Heating and Ventilation Dual flow circulation and heating system is very accurate and ensures consistent and balanced temperature control.

Humidification System 3 Stage water filtration system, internal integrated water tank, space efficient design.

Nebulising System Built-in forced air nebuliser (not passive), generating extremely small particles, allows for immediate absorption into finest capillaries and alveoli.

Sterilisation System Extremely efficient sterilisation system based on 254nM ultraviolet light (20 minute Cycle)

Safety Measures Self-monitoring carbon dioxide sensing system allows for consistent CO2 control.

Medical Grade Atmosphere Patented negative ion generator provides medical grade purification, prevents cross contamination and enhances wound healing capabilities.

Illumination 10 Level system, creates a whole spectrum of healing light.

Transfusion Port Allows transfusion or IV lines to pass into the ICU Puppy incubator unit without leakage of heat or oxygen, efficient and easy to use.

Oxygen Supply Easy to use access port for oxygen input; cost efficient optional 5L/min oxygen concentrator.

Cooling System Exclusive central air conditioning system available dehumidifies and cools (OPTIONAL)

PLEASE NOTE: External Side Colour May Change

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