Aluminium aviary panels

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Aluminium Aviary Panels and Aviaries  

 Aluminium Aviary panels and Aviaries Made to order please allow 8 Weeks for delivery, please note lead times ay change during busy periods

We can quote for any size Aviary panel or aviaries,
Maintenance free. Aluminium aviary panels have many advantages over wooden ones,

All the frame work is made from aluminium for strength and the prevention of chewing. In filled with quality weld mesh in a wide range of gages and sizes to suite most parrots or finches etc.
Can be quickly hosed down for easy cleaning.
Will out last timber aviaries many times over and meet all currant animal regulations.  
They won’t rot or split, and are maintenance-free and will never need painting or preserving. 
Tough, durable and very strong aluminium aviary panels – they are steam cleanable and non-absorbent.
High resistance to chemicals means you can hose out your aviaries to eliminate germs and bacteria.
Manufactured by The Animal House Company we have been manufacturing animal housing for almost 20 years!   
Any size can be made to order please message or call us on    0333 050 8761 

Please note there will be a £25.00 Delivery charge for 1 Panel then a £3.50 Charge per panel after that PLEASE SELECT PANEL DELIVERY AT CHECKOUT OR THEY MAY BE A DELAY PROSESSING YOUR ORDER